So seeing as you all seemed to enjoy my last Instagram round up (you can check that out here if you missed it), I thought I’d do another one, and this time share with you 5 interior accounts that you should be following on Instagram (plus a little surprise at the bottom too!).

Whether they’re eclectic and colourful or chic and charming, all of these accounts have one thing in common – they are bursting with personality and the ladies behind the feeds share an engaging and inspiring snapshot into their interiors. So, without further ado, let’s begin the round up shall we?! In no particular order…

Rowan @rowanmorrissy

Kicking off this round up with the lovely Rowan, whose account gives me all the laid back Canadian living inspo. Her simple yet stylish feed often features pretty detailing shots – a cute house plant here, a freshly baked cake there – and she recently painted her office door in a gorgeous pastel pink, which I absolutely love! Rowan’s captions are honest and relatable too, which makes her account a joy to follow.


Photo credit: @rowanmorrissy

Emma @emmajanepalin

Where do I start with this absolute HON?! Not only is award-winning content creator and copywriter Emma such a kind and friendly person, but she is super cool and her interiors totally reflect that too.

Emma recently swapped the bustling city life for quieter coastal living, and now takes up residence in a colourful Margate abode. If you’re looking for a personality-filled home, this is it! Wes Anderson meets the ’70s is the best way I can describe her aesthetic, which is so hard to get right. However, Emma does so effortlessly, and with a modern twist too; marrying bright, statement prints with perfectly complementing colour schemes to create an interior that’s bold and iconic, yet welcoming and homely.

Add a love of rattan, an adorable pooch named George and an enviable trouser suit collection into the mix, and you’ve got yourself an Instagram account that’s going to genuinely uplift you, as well as giving you ALL the home inspiration!


Photo credits: @emmajanepalin

Follow Emma on Instagram here.

Read Emma’s blog here.

Jessica @mydavidwilsonhome

Burnt oranges, mustards, navy blues and dusky pinks are the stand out colours of Jessica’s pretty pad, and they all add modern charm to this stylish new build – especially when paired with tropical wallpaper and eye-catching house plants!

Jessica’s feed is an engaging mix of chatty captions, time lapse makeovers, before and afters, and unique DIY ideas (don’t miss THAT painted feature wall!). Plus, she has two cute mini lop bunnies named Sparkles and Cookie…if that isn’t enough to twist your arm to hit ‘follow’, I don’t know what is…


Photo credits: @mydavidwilsonhome

Follow Jessica on Instagram here.

Eliza @elizadarlings

I’ve followed Eliza for a while, and just love the aesthetic of her account. She’s super friendly and always happy to have a little chat on DM’s too! Her interiors are an eclectic mix of cute cushions, statement prints and bursts of colour against a clean and neat backdrop. She also posts snippets of craft and DIY projects on her feed and Stories, and shares my love of pastel colours. In fact, she recently made over her hallway to create a lovely pastel pink focal point…


Photo credits @elizadarlings

Follow Eliza on Instagram here.

Read Eliza’s blog here.

Rose @home_with_rose

Suffolk has a big place in my heart having grown up right on the border, so it’s no surprise I fell in love with Rose’s account the instant I caught sight of her gorgeous Victorian home that’s situated right in the Suffolk countryside! With a pastel pink theme running throughout (you can see why I’m swooning!), Rose’s home shots are fresh, floral and bright. Following her on Instagram gives you a peek inside a home that’s filled with laughter, love and pretty little details – be it a unique rug, a colourful print or a pretty hanging wall decoration. What I love about this account is that while the home shots are gorgeous, the friendly, chatty captions give you a real insight into Rose’s daily life too, which makes her all the more relatable.


Photo credits: @home_with_rose

Follow Rose on Instagram here.

Sam @bungalowdreamatno.17 

Oh that’s right people. You weren’t ready for this…I have thrown in another bonus account for you that I love just as much as all the above, BUT it’s slightly different in that it’s a ‘work in progress’ interiors account!

If you enjoy following along with home renovations, this one’s for you. I used to work with Sam when we were both at Your Home and Home Style magazines. She is such a lovely person inside and out and that warmth really comes across on her account. Whether you’re helping Sam decide on paint colours, watching a satisfying time lapse of her doing DIY, or checking out her latest flooring samples, her account is so interesting and joining her on her renovation journey is so much fun! She has made amazing progress on her cute little bungalow already, and everything is just starting to take shape. I can’t wait to see how it all develops…


Follow Sam on Instagram here.

I hope you enjoyed this round up and that you’ll be inspired to check out the Instagram accounts and blogs above. If you have any recommendations of accounts I should be following, please let me know in the comments below!

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