Oh, hello everyone! *hides empty sharing bag of peanut M&M’s in the cupboard and frantically wipes mouth*

How are you all? As I write this, we’re in our fifth week of this funny old thing called ‘lockdown’. While we’re all muddling through (read: baking banana bread, whipping up basic bitch iced coffees and investigating Reddit conspiracies on New World Order…just me?!), I’ve found myself even more drawn to the blogging world. In fact, I’ve noticed on my personal Instagram people are suddenly being more active and creative on Instagram Stories too, proving that the sense of community provided by this little app is massively needed at times like this.

I’ve been curating my Instagram feed over the last few months, following accounts that genuinely spark joy and not out of obligation (don’t get me started on those ‘you MUST follow everyone back’ type chains). Through shout outs on other accounts’ stories, and searching through specific hashtags, I’ve discovered some gorgeous feeds that have uplifted me during that morning scroll where I’m still squinting into the light and mulling over my life choices.

Anyway, I’m waffling. The purpose of this blog post is to spread a little joy around by sharing some of my favourite lifestyle accounts in the hope that you can get a little inspo and joy from them too! Particularly during this time, I’ve found myself enjoying the beauty of the everyday on Instagram; seeing what people are cooking for dinner, how they’re organising their wardrobes, or what book they’re currently reading.

Obviously I can’t include everyone, so I’ve started off with 5 – but I’d love to do more of these round ups in the future so keep your eyes peeled!

I should probably mention that if you want to find me on Instagram, you can do so here.

Lottie @thisgirlisblog

What do you get when you mix fresh, bright interiors with an adorable Dalmatian called Astrid? Lottie’s Instagram feed of course! Lottie is a lover of florals, and this comes across in her bloomin’ beautiful snaps *smug face at sneaking in a pun*. I love how she plays with light in her photos too – often capturing a pretty evening glow across her bedroom, or using subtle editing effects to create a gorgeous aesthetic.


Follow Lottie on Instagram here. 

Read Lottie’s blog here. 

Nia @thecardiffcwtch

Nia’s account is such a joy to follow. A Cardiff gal who blogs and bakes, her handle has the word ‘cwtch’ in it, meaning ‘cuddle’ in Welsh – and browsing through her feed is totally comforting! Not only does she have a beautiful Golden Retriever (can you see a theme running here?!), but her account is bright, colourful and a mix of pretty flat lays and home shots. Don’t miss her IGTV recipe videos either. The halloumi bread is one to look out for…*drools*


Follow Nia on Instagram here.

Read Nia’s blog here. 

Sarah @littlebugtogs

Sarah’s Instagram is a beautiful combination of book recommendations, the great outdoors, and the sweet memories she’s making with her two daughters. I always enjoy Sarah’s content, it’s creative without feeling too set up, and she has struck the perfect balance of sharing real life (in the form of honest stories and captions) and inspirational content too, whether it’s a shot of some gorgeous blossom or cute crafting ideas.


Follow Sarah on Instagram here.

Georgie @georgietatnell

Georgie is such a lovely person to follow.  Her Instagram is a personality-filled mix of fashion flat lays, chatty captions and interior inspiration. Documenting the joys of small things is a running theme of Georgie’s Instagram – whether it’s a close up of a frothy coffee in the morning, or the detailing on a snazzy clutch bag. I particularly love the ‘neat’ aesthetic of her feed; every shot is thought out and she often plays with angles which makes for interesting following. Watch out for the snazzy tropical cushions in her bedroom too!


Follow Georgie on Instagram here.

Read Georgie’s blog here.

Meg @coffeewithmeg

I couldn’t complete this list without shouting out a fellow guinea pig mumma! Meg’s two piggies are often popping up on her Instagram, but that’s not all her feed has to offer. Follow along with her as she tinkers around her victorian terrace, doing DIY projects (go and find the dresser makeover – it was AMAZING!), adding creative splashes of colour to rooms and sharing unique homeware finds.


Follow Meg on Instagram here.

Read Meg’s blog here.

If you have any other lifestyle blogger accounts you love and would like to share, comment them below so I can check them out!

While you’re here, check out my banana and oat muffin recipe – it’s ideal to bake in quarantine as it needs hardly any ingredients 🙂

Stay safe,


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    Oohh I’m going to have a look at their accounts! Chloe x

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