Hello! I’m Harriet, guinea pig mumma and cheesy pasta enthusiast.

My blog covers everything from interior makeovers to recipe posts and health and wellbeing tips. You can often find me over on Instagram Stories too, showing you a peek into my latest room revamp, or taking you on a tour of the pretty countryside where I live (watch out for the doggie snaps!).

So, why did I start blogging? And what’s the reason behind my blog’s name?

Shows like TOWIE have raised the profile of the ‘Essex Girl’; putting my home county on the map and boosting sales of false eyelashes, fake tan and lip fillers. But, as someone who loves fake tan and has worn false eyelashes religiously on nights out since the age of 15 (when there was only a selection of around 5 lash styles to choose from – CAN you imagine?!), does that mean I’m reduced to the stereotype of an Essex Girl too?

I debated starting a blog for a long time, as it puts you under a degree of scrutiny, from strangers, acquantances and friends – something I wasn’t sure I was ready for. Plus, with the blogging world being so saturated, I was  apprehensive.

Then it got me thinking, as an ‘Essex Girl’, or indeed a female, we are always in the spotlight, being judged for our looks, body types and career goals.

So I decided to stop overthinking it and launched this blog – to show that this Essex Girl is much more than just a pair of white stilettos… (I don’t even own a pair!).

Please feel free to get in touch with me and connect on social media too, if you like.

And remember, it’s fine to ‘fake’ it!

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