Hello! It’s been a while hasn’t it?

When I last gave you a peek into our master bedroom, we had done the major decorating work – but it was crying out for some accessories and finishing touches.

I’m pleased to say after many homeware trips and a few disagreements (read: massive row over the positioning of a rug), those finishing touches are now sitting pretty in what might just be my favourite room of the house!

If you want to take a look at how the room looked before, read the bedroom makeover post here.

First up on the ‘finishing touches’ list was getting a blind and curtains. I wanted to keep the dusky pink theme running through the bedroom, but didn’t want it to feel too feminine, so we chose these curtains from H&M which are a perfect mix between pink and neutral. They don’t keep much light out, so we paired them with a black out blind. Initially I wanted to have them taken up, but I now quite like the way they hang and gather on the floor. What do you think?

One thing I found the hardest to choose were bedside tables. The room looked so incomplete without them, but I didn’t want to get something that didn’t suit for the sake of it. Plus, everything we liked the look of was way out of budget and a bit too big; the space beside the bed is pretty small, and seeing as I only planned on keeping a diary, my current read and some bits and bobs like pillow spray in the drawers (the wonders of a female’s bedside drawer revealed eh?? Yes – it’s really not that exciting!), I wasn’t worried about loads of storage.

One Sunday we took a trip to B&M for a browse, and low and behold, practically grinning at me on the shelf were the perfect bedside tables! They’re small, neat and the colour matches the room really nicely. They come in a few different colours, but the pale grey complements the dark colours of the wardrobes. It’s always good to have a bit of contrast in a room I think… it’s very easy to go too matchy matchy!


We’re very lucky to have a large master bedroom, but I still wanted a rug or ottoman* at the end of the bed to again break up the space. We hunted around for a while, but settled on a rug from Dunelm. Pairing it with this gold mirror gives a lovely tranquil feel to the bedroom, and it’s made it all feel much more cosy!

*shudders deeply at memories of my childhood ottoman where my cousins and I used to play a game of trapping each other in it and seeing who could last the longest * YES I HAVE TERRIBLE CLAUSTROPHOBIA NOW

My sister kindly bought me a gorgeous Oliver Bonas vase for my birthday, and as soon as I put it on the chest of drawers I knew it was crying out for some nice florals! I picked up some fake eucalyptus at a flower wholesaler near me. The room has a very understated vibe (could I sound any more pretentious lol) so I liked the fact that it isn’t too bright on colour, but still adds a nice feature.

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Get the look!

Curtains, H&M – can’t find our original style but they have some lovely similar pink ones on their site!

Bedside table, B&M, £20

Beige Boho Rug,  Dunelm, £63

Mirror, Wayfair, £62.99

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