Having grown up near the coast, laid back days spent on the local beaches – squealing at spotting a jellyfish in the sea, buying ice-creams and playing rounders with my cousins on sandy shores – evoke many happy memories.

So when the lovely Jo from Cool Coastal Huts got in touch and asked if I’d like to come and try out her beach hut on Mersea Island, I leapt at the chance! Despite spending so much time at beaches, I’ve only been to an actual beach hut a handful of times, so I was really excited to live the VIP beach lyf.

It was a glorious day that promised to be a hot one (if the guinea pigs pancaked in the shade of their hutch was anything to go by!), so armed with plenty of suncream, cold water, Pimms (obv) and homemade potato salad we got in the car and headed off down to the coast bright and early.

I’ve actually missed driving out and about these past few months, so it was really nice to have the windows down, the breeze on our faces and The Beautiful South blaring out of the speakers as we wound our way through pretty country lanes (and I debated whether I should have taken an extra hay fever tablet)…

After around 45 minutes, we arrived in Mersea. It’s always been somewhere local that I’ve wanted to visit a little more, so I was excited to look around. We parked in the Victoria Esplanade Car Park, which was £5 for the day (8am-8pm). It’s perfectly situated for the beach hut. There are actually two rows of huts, but 213 is on the front row, meaning you have an unspoilt view of the beach rather than the back of another beach hut.

When we opened the doors, I immediately began lusting over the decor; pared back coastal vibes with a modern twist. Cute wall art, blue striped cushions, funky prints and a floor rug I am now desperate to get my hands on!



The beach hut itself is equipped with everything you’d need for a day at the beach, including cutlery, plates, a kettle, bucket and spades, deckchairs, body boards and even a stylish windbreak. Though the air was pretty still, we put the windbreak up as soon as we arrived, as it gave us privacy from the beach hut next to us. Luckily, neither side was occupied that day, giving us plenty of space.

After slathering more suncream on ourselves, we put our stuff in the hut and found a nice spot to sunbathe and tuck into our books. There’s plenty of storage in 213, including a shelf area above the entrance door. I thought this was a genius idea, as it meant our valuables were never on show to people that were walking past and having a good nose inside the hut – of which there were plenty, and who can blame them eh?!


We were soon joined by the rest of my family. You can have up to 8 people in the beach hut, which is nice as it is spacious enough to not feel overcrowded. It costs just £70 to hire the hut for the day, which I think is so reasonable, especially if you’re splitting the cost between 8 of you! 

Being a little island, there’s something so relaxing and intimate about Mersea. The Company Shed has arguably helped to put it on the map, but I still think Mersea has an ‘undiscovered’ feel to it – save for the bloggers coming to take photos in front of those pastel beach huts! The vibe is certainly laid back, which is great, as the main thing to do down here is simply unwind by the coast; take in the stunning views, go crabbing on the jetty, or wander aimlessly up and down the shore collecting oyster shells along the way.


As the sun began to set we all became a bit peckish, and while the obvious thing to do was get fish and chips on the beach, Cowabunga Pizza had been on my radar for a while and I’d vowed to try them out the next time I was in this part of the world. We rang them up eagerly only to find out they were fully booked! We should have ordered in advance, however I thought a quiet Wednesday night would be ok…they obviously are VERY good pizzas!!


Thanks again to Cool Coastal Huts for having us down for the day. It really was so kind of Jo, and I am so glad I checked it out. A lot of my friends have since tried to book the beach hut for themselves, and I myself am now definitely a ‘Cool Coastal Huts’ convert.

I am really keen to check out their other beach hut in Frinton too, so keep your eyes peeled!

*I received a visit to the Cool Coastal Huts Mersea beach hut for free, but was under no obligation to write this post* 



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