I recently got tagged in something called the Liebster Award by the lovely Hannah Gladwin. While I thought it was a lovely idea (the concept is basically answering questions, sharing fun facts and throwing it up to other bloggers you love) as This Essex Girl is now 5 months old, I thought it was high time for my readers to get to know me a bit more, so I decided to put my own spin on things.

Seeing as I recently turned 27, I’m sharing 27 facts about me. Inventive, huh? Yes, I’m now 3 years off of 30 – which I’m TOTALLY fine with.

*looks suspiciously from side to side*

*downs wine*

Anyway onto the main event. And by main event I mean me racking my brains in an attempt to make myself sound somewhat interesting. If you could not care less about my likes and dislikes, and are just here to lust over my latest birthday present (the knitwear – great isn’t it?!) then I won’t judge you…

1. I collect postcards and am a sucker for any that are pastel coloured, retro inspired or film related. At the minute they’re kept in a pretty box, but when I move house I’m going to make a gallery wall and display them all!

2. I have two guinea pig sisters named Sunbeam and Luna who are the sassiest piggies around. You can see them making their model debut here and their blog debut here.

3.I cannot stand smoking and it’s one of the few things I dislike about going abroad.

4.I love film, especially anything by Wes Anderson, Scorsese and Mike Leigh. It’s impossible to pick my favourites, but in my top ten are True Romance, Carlito’s Way, Secrets & Lies and of course… The Lizzy Mcguire Movie! Just kidding hahahah *stares deadpan into the camera* YES THERE IS A CAMERA PRESENT AT ALL TIMES

5.Another pet hate of mine is people that slap loudly on chewing gum. Can we not.

6. I spent hours at my nan’s house writing endless stories on her typewriter when I was little, and then she would turn them into audio books for me. Ultimate BABE. It is now my goal to own a fancy pastel coloured typewriter!

7. Pasta, pesto and cheese has been my staple diet since I was around 7. Always red, NEVER green.

8. I truly believe laughter is the best therapy. One of my favourite things is to laugh so much that my cheeks and stomach hurt – this often happened in school when you’re not supposed to and holding it in makes everything 10 times funnier! Also people stacking it just kills me EVERYTIME.

9. I am very lucky to be so close with my mum and sister – two incredibly strong people who I love and admire so much. Girl power and all that jazz.

10. I love the smell of old and new books.

11 Talking of books, I can’t get on the Kindle hype. I much prefer having a real book in my hands and love picking them up from charity shops!

12.I hate my nose and used to want a nose job – but I have learned to accept it over the years. Real beauty comes from within…right? RIGHT?!

13.One of my favourite things to do in the summer is pack a picnic, go out for a bike ride on a warm evening, find a nice spot and chill with a glass of rose!

14. 100% dog person.

15. It’s possible that all cats hate me.

16. My favourite takeaway is Indian – no word of a lie I think I crave it 24/7. It is literally my downfall whenever I try and eat healthy.

17. I am terrified of heights – even standing on a stepladder makes me nervous!

18. I also suffer with claustrophobia; it varies from the normal fear of small spaces to being stuck in places it’s not easy to escape from. Prime example is aeroplanes – I don’t mind sitting on the runway as long as the door is open, but if it’s shut and we don’t move anywhere, then it is basically hell! Logical, I know.

Damn you wind

19. I’m definitely getting older now that I am more excited about getting my own place and decorating it than downing Lambrini and slut-dropping in the ghetto of Colchester. BUT ONLY JUST.

20. I do the social media for a company called Amara Living – which means I am constantly drooling over heaps of interior inspiration. I’m lucky to really enjoy my job and have a lovely close-knit team.

21. When I was 14, I had my first full on celeb crush – Johnny Depp. I bought/watched all of his films, cut photos of him out of magazines – we didn’t have the internet so I had to improvise, GOSH – and covered my bedroom walls in them. I also slept on a pillow case with his face on and my friend bought me a life size cut out of him which I had in my room for over a year. Totally. Normal.

22. I am fascinated by true crime, and spend ages reading about conspiracy theories. The podcast My Favourite Murder is the soundtrack to my drive home from work. If you’re into that sort of thing, go and check it out!

23. When someone asks me what music I like and I say everything – I mean it. I go from listening to Black Sabbath & Local Natives to SWV & Cypress Hill. However at a push I’d say my most favourite genre is old school R&B’- TLC I know you’re so much more than just No Scrubs!

24. FLORAL PRINT. Over near enough everything I own.

25. I am really into star signs. As a Scorpio I’m supposedly passionate, jealous, fiery, loyal, ambitious – pretty much sums me up!

26. Although I can appear confident at times, I can actually be pretty bloody shy. Public speaking is ones of my worst nightmares and sometimes I cringe when the limelight is all on me.

27. Launching this blog has been both enjoyable and draining, and I know I put too much pressure on myself with it at times. But overall, it has been totally worth it!

If you’ve reached the end of this post – THANK YOU so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little more!

(Cardigan is from TU at Sainsburys)


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