Recently, my sister celebrated her birthday. When I asked what she was doing for it, she casually replied, ‘We’ll just go for a meal then out into town afterwards.’

The question instantly fizzed around my brain: what the HELL do I wear?

My go to outfit choice for a meal is usually a pair of jeans, small heels or boots and a fancyish blouse. A night out for me calls for something a bit bolder – so it’s usually a playsuit or an off the shoulder top, shorts (if I’m feeling confident enough) and dangerously high heels.

Trouble is, while perfectly appropriate for good old fashioned pre drinks, walking into a restaurant in the latter would probably raise a few eyebrows – and going to a club in denim jeans always makes me feel a little frumpy and underdressed. What’s acceptable on the dancefloor often isn’t at the dinner table, so my ever growing dilemma is ‘what do I wear when I’m doing both?!’


If, like me, you’ve faced this dilemma, I have written this post just for you.

I started with culottes.

Culottes in all their floaty, flattering glory are a wardrobe staple of mine and I absolutely love them! They can be dressed up or down, which was perfect for me.

I paired them with some comfortable (ish) heels, and a lace top I got from H&M’s Coachella collection about a month back.

It was covered up enough to be dinner appropriate, but the lace I think added a bit of snazz that was perfect for the dance floor!



I finished things off with an embroidered clutch bag to add a bit more pretty detailing to the outfit.

To combat this dilemma my top tips are…

Go for something smart but covered up on your bottom half. Culottes, a midi skirt or some flared/frilled trousers would work well. This leaves room to be a bit more adventurous with the top half, as covering up the bottom half keeps it CLASS-AY. Try lace, spaghetti straps or funky prints!

Accessorise the shit out of the whole thing. (See me fan girling over accessories here)


Heeled Strappy Shoes, New Look (similar)

Culottes, Berksha (similar)

Embroidered Clutch Bag, New Look

Lace Top, H&M

What’s the worst style dilemma you’ve ever encountered?


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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