My favourite thing about winter fashion is the array of knitwear that pops up everywhere. In fact, you can often spot me scouring the high street for the best jumpers, eagerly trying them on, then defeatedly handing them back to the shop assistant – knowing that they just won’t fit into the woolly abyss that is the top of my wardrobe. *shudders deeply*

I have an addiction to knitwear. A few years back, I stupidly thought it would be a good idea to have a bit of a detox – oh what a mistake that was! You can NEVER have too much knitwear, and I am now longing for that oversized cardigan I threw so hastily into the car boot pile.

Some however, have made it through the years (along with a few new purchases) and throughout my collection there appears to be an overarching theme… pastels!

I refuse to believe pastels are just for summer and love to wear them all year round. So, I’ve gathered up three of my favourite pastel jumpers to share with you.

Bring on the awkward poses…

1. Mohair Blend Jumper, H&M, £24.99

First off is this soft little number from H&M! It’s a lovely shade of pink, (okay it might not be strictly pastel coloured but it’s pretty close) and goes perfectly with everything from jeans to pleated skirts.

I love the detailing on the sleeves and collar too.

Also, how adorable is this little pineapple necklace? It’s from DipT C, a new business started up by my gorgeous friend Phoebe and her boyfriend. Go check them out – they’ve got a lovely range of jewellery, from stylish marble rings to ethereal gemstone pendants!

2. Pink Multi Stripe Brushed Knitted Jumper, Miss Guided, £25

Oh, hey there. Just over here channeling Neapolitan ice-cream chic in the jumper all fashion bloggers (and basic bitches like me) love. It’s comfy, colourful and definitely makes a statement!

I like to pair it with my pale mom jeans and trainers to look like I’ve just been spat out of the ’80s. All about the retro vibes!

3. Pink Cat Knitted Jumper, Wear All, £19

Now I may not be a cat person, but you better believe I will wear a garish cat jumper and bloody love every minute of it.

I actually got this purrrfect (yep, that just happened) winter warmer about three years ago, but it’s still a firm favourite of mine. It’s really thick too, making it a great shield for battling the elements on dog walks – much to my pooch Hugo’s horror!

Want to see more seasonal fashion? I’ve rounded up my favourite autumn essentials right here.

What is your favourite item of clothing in the winter?


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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