I need to up my makeup/skincare game, so what better way to do it than making a few promises to myself?

I promise to… Always take my make up off before bed!

Gold star to me, because I am pretty good at this. In the past, no matter how tired/disorientated/intoxicated I am, I manage to find myself a Johnsons make up wipe and smear it all over my face. Sometimes I may even use two (waterproof eyeliner can be stubborn).

It’s something I have always stuck to, as removing makeup before bed allows your pores to breathe, as leaving make up on will clog them and thus making them appear larger. I know right – the horror!

I promise to…Get enough beauty sleep!

Whilst I do LOVE my sleep, I am guilty of staring at my phone screen until the early hours (who knew guinea pigs wearing hats could provide SO much viewing pleasure?!) and then paying for it the morning, when I wake up looking like I have just been spat out the back end of hell. You can read more about my nighttime beauty routine here.


Sleep is integral to your well-being, not only for your health and mind, but for beauty reasons too! It allows your skin to refresh and restore itself, and also aids the production of collagen, leaving you fresh faced in the morning. So, I promise to make sure I’m getting enough sleep each night and unwind with a good book – instead of fan girling over Gigi Hadid on Insta.

I promise to… Exfoliate regularly!

Oh HELLO little dry patch of skin. Didn’t see ya there. I’m just going to go ahead and hide you under my clothes. NO! *slaps self*

This shall be my mentality no more! I have invested in a dry body brush and it has worked wonders, but I often forget to give myself a good scrub down before I get in the shower.

It seems like such an effort, but realistically it takes like 5 minutes to do and I know my skin will feel fab afterwards as it boosts circulation too.

I promise to…Experiment with new makeup looks!


For me, smoky brown eyes, winged eyeliner and bronzer have been a staple part of my makeup routine for years. While I have come a long way from the HIDEOUS foundation mismatches and blue cream eyeshadow of my school days, I find myself nestling into this make up look no matter the occasion, only jazzing it up with a pair of false lashes and a new lip shade from time to time.

So I am planning to experiment with some new looks, and if you’re lucky I will document them on the blog so you can nose/giggle/recoil in horror.

I promise to…Clean my make up brushes often!

Now this is something I am awful at, and have only just started doing recently. My foundation brush, which I use on a near daily basis has seldom seen water, let alone a good soaping.

It’s important to clean your brushes regularly, as the build up of old makeup and germs can lead to bad skin. So, after I finish writing this, I’ll be taking my brushes and my brush cleanser to the bathroom… and it’s going to get dirty. Then clean! VERY clean.

You can read my makeup brush review here.

Do you have any bad beauty habits?


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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