Although I love experimenting with new skincare products, there’s always those that stick with me with time after time – I think we can all relate! From facial scrubs to calming mists, find out why these products have made it to beauty hero status…

7 Day Scrub Cream, Clinique

Scrub a dub dub! Unlike other facial scrubs, this doesn’t leave my skin bright red but rather simply smooth and rejuvenated. I think it’s because the grains

are so fine that they don’t aggravate and provide just the right amount of exfoliation.

Detox Body Treatment, Filorga

Other than what I imagine my dream man Robert De Niro to smell like (creepy? too far?! ) I’ve never smelt anything better than Filorga! It’s a really light mousse that is supposed to ‘detox’ the skin through draining (of excess fluid), nourishing and smoothing. I lather it on after I’ve had a shower and although I haven’t particularly noticed loads of improvement with any lumps and bumps, it does leave my skin feeling deeply moisturised and smelling delightful!

All About Eyes, Clinique

The bain of my life are the small wrinkles around my eyes! Maybe I am just too god damn happy all of the time, but they are something that I’m quite self conscious about – so I’m always trialing beauty products to get rid of them. I also suffer with redness and dullness around my eyes quite often. I mean, could I be anymore attractive?! This soothing cream is great as it really lifts dark circles and also reduces any puffiness, which, if you’re an allergy sufferer like me, is basically HEAVEN IN EYE CREAM FORM. I apply it every night before hopping into bed and unwinding with a good book.

Pore Refining Solutions, Clinique

I love tying my hair up, taking off my make up, dabbing on this charcoal mask and sticking on an episode of Family Guy. I leave it on for around 20 minutes or so then rinse it off with cold water to close up my pores again. It’s cooling and leaves no red blotches – perfect! I usually try and use this mask around once a week to give my skin a little boost.

Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer, Liz Earle

In my opinion a facial mist can aid many situations. Feeling hot? Try a facial mist. Skin feeling dry? Try a facial mist. Face burning in embarrassment? MIST. YOURSELF. NOW.

This one is packed with soothing aloe vera and calming cucumber, so I try spritz it on when my skin feels dry and dull (isn’t that the worst feeling?). Its handy 30ml size means it accompanies me on the aeroplane too, as I find the cabin wreaks havoc on my skin.

Love this little motto – think it’s pretty fitting for bloggers, don’t you?

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What are your hero skincare products?


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