So….I’m finally getting around to launching *drum roll please* my next hashtag! This is something I’ve had prepared for a long time, but lockdown and general life has zapped my motivation for getting this up and running. Now, as a new season begins, I decided it was finally time to haul this blog post out of my drafts.

Firstly, I can’t talk about my new hashtag without mentioning where the inspiration came from. I launched #myfloraljoys last year in lockdown and has now reached almost 7,000 posts – crazy!! It’s great to see people still using the hashtag daily, and I’m still continuing to connect with new people through it.

ANYWAY, this brings me onto my brand new hashtag. I wanted something that complemented my first hashtag, had enough scope to be used all year round, but also something that people could again interpret in their own way.

So – #myhomejoys was born!

Once again, please use this hashtag as you want to, but I’ve included some prompts below to help you get started…

Inspiration for #myhomejoys

Your humble abode


Quite simply – get your home out for the gram! Use this hashtag to show off the rooms in your home and anything in them brings you joy, from a newly decorated nursery to a snazzy sofa in the living room.

Love where you live

Your favourite bakery, a country walk that looks beautiful covered in autumn leaves…share what you love about your local area!


Furry friends 

Pets certainly make a house a home, so use this hashtag to illustrate the joys that your furry friends bring to your home and its surroundings.


Home comforts 

What does ‘home’ mean to you? It might be snuggling up to do some embroidery on the sofa, or watching the evening sun catch your patio. Is it your signature chicken pie you’ve made for years, or the smell of fresh peonies on the dining room table? Perhaps it is a person that makes your feel at home, rather than a place…



The beauty of this and my other hashtag (not only that they match so are easy to remember!) is that they often can be used together too. I’ll be doing a monthly round up again, so don’t forget to tag me in your posts as well so I don’t miss anything!

Enjoy, and looking forward to discovering some new accounts again…


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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