As the seasons change, so does my skincare routine. On the whole my skin is definitely on the dry side, thought the summertime sun gives it much more of a natural glow, and winter tends to mean that dark circles, dry patches and a generally dull complexion become the norm. (That might have something to do with all the rubbish comfort food I eat as soon as the dark nights set in, but cheesy pasta and cold weather go hand in hand AMIRIGHT?!)

Anyway, when the lovely folk at Dermalogica got in touch to ask if I wanted to become one of their Skinfluencers, I leapt at the chance. Admittedly, Dermalogica is a brand I’ve only come into contact with during trips to the spa, and I’ve always been so pleased with the results of their treatments, but as I am not a regular user, I wanted to get to grips with the products before writing an honest review.


After putting my skincare type and possible desired outcomes into their survey (less wrinkles, glowing skin and no more dryness YES PLS), I waited eagerly.

Once the products arrived, I was super keen to test them out. That night, after removing my make up I began my pampering session, feeling very spoilt indeed!

I started with the pre cleanse, to remove excess oil and makeup. Isn’t it surprising how much foundation is still happily clogging your pores after you’ve scrubbed your face to high heaven with a makeup wipe?

Next I moved onto the daily microfoliant. It starts as a powder and once you rub it in your hands it forms a creamy paste. Smothering that over my face was a delight and I could feel the dry skin patches falling away. Good GOD I’m sexy.



I then moved onto the special cleansing gel, dispensing a small amount into my palms and then rubbing it around my face and neck. This was great as it cleanses skin without removing the natural oils. I often find cleansers can leave my skin extremely dry, so it was nice to know the moisture was being locked in.

After patting my face dry I then applied the skin smoothing cream in upwards motions. The scent isn’t too strong but smells pleasant and a little bit goes a long way. I’ve been using it as a night cream recently and feel like it’s really rejuvenated my complexion.

Dermalogica also kindly sent me a skin perfect primer, which I’ve been using under my makeup. It’s SPF 30 which is great as I feel like I’m getting such bad wrinkles already (!) and I know sun exposure is a massive contributing factor to that.

What I loved 

The brand is cruelty free, which really sets them apart from other skincare brands. Honestly I could only name a handful of brands that have adopted this, and as I’m trying to make a conscious effort to adopt a more cruelty free lifestyle this was a real selling point.

As mentioned before, I wanted to use the products for a while to ensure I got on with them. They didn’t upset my skin and actually I’ve noticed a visible positive difference since using the brand on a daily basis.

The only downside for me personally is that the price point is slightly higher than my normal skincare budget, HOWEVER you definitely get your money’s worth and as I achieved the results I wanted, I will definitely consider becoming a regular user!

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Precleanse, 150ml, £38.50

Daily microfoliant, 75g, £49.50 

Special cleansing gel, 250ml, £32

Skin smoothing cream, 75ml, £36 

Skinperfect primer, 22ml, £44.50 

*Dermalogica kindly gifted me these products to try, but I only blog about things I genuinely love – and I hope you’ll love too!



    • thisessexgirl
      February 24, 2019 / 6:28 pm

      It’s definitely a lovely brand! I have really been enjoying getting to know their products! x

    • thisessexgirl
      February 24, 2019 / 6:27 pm

      Hi Meg – thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it x

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