I’m so dependant on sleep; if I don’t get enough I turn into a complete grouch. I’m definitely a night owl and have never been one of those people who can spring out of bed at 6am and be ready to seize the day. The reality for me is more like snooze the alarm 3 times, wander bleary eyed to the shower and splash water over my face in an attempt to shock myself awake.Ok ok, maybe not such a Sleeping Beauty after all…

Anyway, I think having a good bedtime and indeed beauty bedtime regime is an important part of getting a good night’s sleep. Now the nights are starting to drawn in it’s much more acceptable to come home and slip into the PJs and I’m all for it!

I’ve decided to share my bedtime routine with you and if you have any other tips for dozing seamlessly into the land of nod, then holla!

Do a mini evening pamper sesh 

No matter how intoxicated or tired I am, you better believe I can find a makeup wipe and navigate it around my face. For years I’ve used Johnson’s Makeup Be Gone Refreshing Wipesas they’re so good at removing even the darkest of eye makeup and do not cause my eczema to flare up.

I then rinse with warm water and pour a dash of Burt’s Bees Hydration Nourising Facial Wateronto a cotton wool pad and wipe it around my face. It’s amazing how much extra makeup comes off at this point, and the tonic is moisturising without being greasy.

I finish by slathering Clinique Moisture Surge all over my face (this is especially good in winter when my skin is extra dry!) and then smear Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus around my eyes in an attempt to get rid of the wrinkles I ALREADY HAVE. #lyf

Write, read or both! 

For many years I’ve kept a diary and I fill it in every night before bed. Sometimes I only write a little, but it helps me offload my thoughts before I go to sleep rather than having them swirling around my head and stopping me from dropping off!

For years I used to sit up until 1am, watching crap TV and aimlessly scrolling through my phone. I’ve tried recently to get into a better bedtime routine as sleep is so important to me. I put my phone on flight mode so I won’t be tempted to read any Whatsapps and instead pick up a book. Reading for half an hour or so before I sleep really helps me to relax!

Have a warm drink 

Whether it’s warm milk or herbal tea (often the latter for me), I find unwinding with a warm drink before bed is a great way to relax and get me ready for some serious shut eye. The ones in the photo are shamelessly stolen from a hotel I stayed in, but I also love Pukka Night Time Tea.

What’s your bedtime routine?



I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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