What do you get when you mix family time with good food, a charming setting and a sprinkling of snow to set the scene?* The perfect Sunday, of course!

*The snow was more sludge. We tried not to break our necks.

As the January blues set in, (cold weather, bank balance dwindling and begging for payday, generally feeling unfit yada yada yada) we decided to indulge in some good old family time at Jimmy’s Farm.

It was bitterly cold and was actually snowing when we arrived, so naturally seeing any animals at all was out of the question. However, it was my first time eating in the restaurant so I was excited to sample its delights!

We hurried through the door out of Mother Nature’s wrath and were instantly met by the aromas of Sunday roasts and the buzz of other families with the same idea as us.

As we were lead to our seats I took in some of the decor. Gorgeous beams and industrial style lighting make for a great spectacle above the tables, while quirky paintings and bunting adorn the walls. The twinkling fairy lights create a nice relaxed atmosphere too.

We opted for the laid back bench style seats – I made a mental note to add them to my house wish list!

In true Sunday style, it was roasts all around. I’m not really a massive meat eater, but you can see how freshly prepared everything is! My sister and I opted for the nut roast which was delicious however, and there’s a good variety of food on offer if you’re not into meat. When I booked we were asked about any dietary requirements so I’m sure they’re used to catering for a vast range.


The portion sizes here are great and the Yorkshire puddings are huge. Our helpful waiter kindly brought over extra gravy for us too, cos GRAVY!

After lunch we wandered to the little shop that’s filled with so many pretty trinkets. It’s ideal for gifts, but my mum treated herself to some lovely coasters.

Jimmy’s Farm is great in that all year round it’s a lovely place to visit, however I’m looking forward to coming back in the warm weather and seeing all the animals again (if you didn’t know by now, I’m a bit of an animal lover – you can read about my farm volunteering dayhere).

I’ve been to the Sausage and Beer Festival too previously, which is great fun.

How much of a fashionista/TOTAL babe is my sister Laura?

After finishing up in the sweet shop, we made the bracing walk back to the car and retreated home for hot chocolates on the sofa. God aren’t we such basic bitches?!

Have you ever been to Jimmy’s Farm?


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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