Many years ago, stating that you were ‘into’ true crime may have been met with a few raised eyebrows and suspicious glances. Nowadays, with true crime a major part of popular culture (I’ve just finished The Staircase on Netflix – check it out if you haven’t seen it!) it’s perfectly acceptable for us Murderinos – if you know, you know – to unite and indulge in our obsession through a wonderful variety of mediums.

Whether I’m on a long drive, soaking in a hot bath or just want a bit of a background noise to do some cleaning to, the little ole’ podcast app on my phone takes a battering. And the main theme of my podcasts? True crime of course!

From the humorous to the downright chilling, I’ve rounded up my top 5 true crime podcasts. FYI if learning that I love true crime has shocked you to your core, take a look at these facts about me too!

My Favourite Murder

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This was recommended to me by my friend Sophie; our friendship was basically built on the conversation where she whispered the words to me over her computer screen, ‘are you into true crime?’ and I nodded back with a devilish smile.

It follows two witty American comedians, Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, who discuss a variety of murders past and present – from The Black Dahlia to JonBenét RamseyWhen I initially listened I felt like it was sometimes too light hearted given the subject matter, but ultimately with two comedians hosting, humour is at the crux of this true crime podcast (lol ironic), and that I think actually takes the edge off the horrific crimes that are often covered.

Karen and Georgia delve into certain topics with a great respect to the victims, often sharing their own experiences with certain issues too. You can expect laughs, excellent one liners from producer Steven and plenty of adorable meows from Elvis, Georgia’s cat. There’s also some harrowing survival stories, and a dedicated podcast where they read out listener’s hometown murders too! SSDGM, folks.

The Teacher’s Pet 

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According to her cheating husband Chris Dawson (who at the time was having an affair with his 16 year old student) devoted mother Lynne Dawson supposedly up and left her children one morning in 1982, never to be seen again. Alarm bells, right? For 36 years the case has remained unsolved, but with two coroners in Australia ruling that Chris murdered Lynn, podcast host Hedley Thomas explores why this case was never brought to trial, considers new information and speaks to the close family of Lynn Dawson – all of whom are desperate for justice.

I couldn’t believe when I was listening that Chris Dawson had not been brought in, and actually found myself shouting at the podcast at times! Some of the information revealed is shocking…

The case is terribly sad and I really hope that it can be solved so that Lynn’s family can have some closure.

Small Town Dicks

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When I started listening to this, all I could think was why is Lisa Simpson talking about horrific crimes?! Once you get over the fact that Yeardley Smith sounds exactly the same as her Simpson’s character, and is in fact a true crime addict like many of us, this podcast is really good to listen to!

Along with her fellow true crime BFF Zibby Allen, Yeardley talks to sibling detectives Dave and Dan – who give their often graphic and shocking accounts of the crimes they’ve worked on. With 911 calls and suspect interviews in abundance, each episode is a difficult but gripping listen.

Serial (Season one) 

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This was the first true crime podcast I listened to. I remember pulling up to work and not wanting to turn it off as I was so hooked! This investigative journalism podcast – hosted by Sarah Koenig – looks at the disappearance of Have Min Lee, a popular high school senior. Six weeks later her ex boyfriend Adnan Syed is arrested for her murder. Currently serving life imprisonment, he still protest his innocence, although he can’t remember exactly what he was doing on that January afternoon…

The podcast looks in depth at the day of the disappearance and the events surrounding it. Sarah speaks with Adnan himself and Hai Min Lee’s close friends and family, unveiling new information as she goes. A must listen for any true crime fan!

Conspiracy Theories

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Ok, while not strictly true crime this podcast covers a lot of famous disappearances and deaths. With episodes focusing on the the likes of Kurt Cobain and Marilyn Monroe, the information is presented in a non biased but interesting way, and although it’s a little cheesy at times I found it a good listen!

So there you have it, my top 5 true crime podcasts!

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