We are all guilty of it. Arranging plans with friends then when they come around, making a poor excuse about lack of money – when the reality is in fact sitting in pjs, inhaling donuts and taking quizzes on what type of Disney villain you are. (FYI I’d totally be Malificent.)

While I do believe time alone is really important, this post is all about the highlights of spending time with close friends too.

I have a group of girls that I’ve stayed close with from school, and although we all have commitments (boyfriends, jobs, Tinder loves) we make time to meet up as much as possible – whether it’s a homemade quiz night with food, watching Poundland horror films (yes we are THOSE guys ) or a girly night out filled with debauchery and shame.

And in the meantime when we’re all busy, a crudely named WhatsApp group punctuated with gif reactions, scandalous screenshots and horrific selfies keeps us going.

Totes natural hun

I love catching up with my gals and we always have a laugh when we get together. Laughter is the best form of therapy, after all!

Friendships are a lot like relationships – you have to work at them and I’m so happy mine have lasted this long.

Some of the reasons I believe you need your gals in your life…

1. They give you great, honest advice

Whether I like it or not, my gals know me inside out and will give advice with my best interests at heart. You can always count on your friends to be honest when it matters most. What do you mean these hideous, ILL-FITTING clothes are not worth buying?!

2. They’ll help balance your relationship

Having a good balance between friends and relationships I think is so important; you’re subsequently (I think, anyway) less dependant/needy of your partner and this makes for more positive vibes in your love life!

3. There’s some things you just can’t do alone

I mean, who else are you going to watch/talk over Ex on The Beach and other shockingly bad reality shows with? Girl time is gossip time! And if everything else fails, mine are always there, mitt in hand, ready to fake tan my back like a pro.

4. You can hang out and have fun on the cheap

One of my favourite things to do with my friends is chill out in our comfy clothes, pig out and watch bad movies with a lot of wine. How disgustingly cliche, right? But in all seriousness, there’s so many ways you can catch up for cheap, from cooking dinner at each other’s houses to long walks or bike rides! We recently went pumpkin picking¬†too, which cost next to nothing and was great fun!

How do you enjoy spending girl time with your friends?


I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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