I love a good music festival and Latitude has always been on the bucket list for me, but it’s somewhere I’ve never got around to attending. This year I am supposed to be saving money (2 holidays down and shit loads of clothes later …seems like I’m doing well, right?) but when I saw The 1975 – my all time favourite dream boys – were headlining on the Friday, I immediately called up my other super fan girl Fran and we instantly got day tickets.

The countdown was then on, with weeks spent blasting Somebody Else out of my car speakers (and pretending I was in an 80’s music video – no shame), scouring Instagram for festival outfit ideas and debating how I was going to survive in a field with severe hay fever.

Finally, THE DAY CAME!

We arrived around 1 and, after admiring the pink sheep strutting their stuff, headed straight for food. Now I’m not over exaggerating when I say you really can get ANYTHING you want here – from vegan chocolate brownies and handmade fresh pasta to venison burgers and fragrant pad Thai.

The choice was endless, but I settled on a cheese loaded stone baked pizza for lunch, cos’ WHY WOULD YOU NOT.

My happy pizza face!

After lunch we decided to explore what else Latitude had to offer. We discovered theatre, art work adorning trees in the forest and a secret disco where around 5 people were having the time of their lives. That’s what I love about this festival – there’s nothing pretentious, everyone was there to have a good time and not judge one another. GOOD VIBES ONLY, as those cool kids say.

‘What can you play?’ F all actually. BUT IT’S SO PRETTY

Loved this – you go girls!

Four fully grown adults venturing into the kids area and making a hasty beeline for the helter skelter is totally normal, right? We grabbed a couple of mats, paid £1 and made our scary ascent up inside the slide of dreams/bruised limbs – which I have to say looked like a Stephen King nightmare. Scary AF.

Next we stopped off in the comedy tent to indulge in some horrifically un-PC bants with Dara Ó Briain, then it was time for more exploring/drinking.

The Pimms area was so much fun and we spent way too long on the swing!

(This is my bessie of 20+ years Fran btw – total BABE and fellow Essex gal)

We headed to The Feather Tree to get ‘glittered’ – is that a verb?! The whole of Latitude is peppered with these kind of stalls that offer anything from cute cheek details to a unicorn threw up over my entire BEING.

I also found a postcard stand! If you know me you’ll know my obsession with retro postcards, so I was in my element here. I got some really cute ones to add to the collection.

Then it was time for The 1975. We danced till our feet broke and sung to our heart’s content. Matt has so much charisma on stage and strutted around in heels with the sass that I can only dream of. This was their last concert until October 2018 when they’ll be touring again, so it was really nice to have experienced it.

We had a fabulous day and I would definitely like to return next year for the whole weekend. Slightly jealous I’m missing out on Mumford and Sons too! Are you heading to Latitude this weekend or any other festivals over the summer?


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